Biology Degree Requirements

The B.S. in Biology degree detailed program requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. The fundamental core of biology courses includes Introductory Biology I and II, Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Evolution, and Plant/Animal Physiology. Students then take a minimum of three biology electives in the area of their choice, and have junior and senior seminar courses.

Students also take a chemistry sequence that includes two semesters of Introductory Chemistry, two semesters of Organic Chemistry, and one semester of Biochemistry.

Additional required courses for the biology degree beyond the institute-wide requirements are one course in Calculus, one course in Statistics, and one course with a lab in Physics.

Students are required to meet with their Biology faculty advisor before registration every semester to ensure that they are making progress towards their degree and to assist in choosing courses to meet their own individual goals. A sample program of study for a four-year sequence is shown below. Note that there are several places to choose your own courses, including in your General Education selections, your Biology Elective selections, and in your open electives. There are sufficient open elective slots to accommodate almost any minor or area of special interest.

Course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.


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