Psychology - Degree Requirements

The general requirements for the B.A. degree in Psychology ensure students have a basic knowledge of mathematics, natural science, computer science, and liberal arts. The required psychology courses stress empirical evidence and theoretical understanding of the principles of psychology, as well as practical applications to the solution of human problems. Below please see the degree requirements (* “C” or higher is required for majors).

A. Psychology Core Requirements:

  • PSY 100: Principles of Psychology*
  • PSY 310: Research Methods in Psychology*
  • PSY 493: Senior Seminar in Psychology*

B. Statistics and Writing Core Requirements:

  • STA 100: Statistical Methods*
  • COM 308 Analytical & Research Writing

C. Intermediate Coursework (2 courses from each cluster below):

Clinical-Developmental-Social Cluster:

  • PSY 220: Life-Span Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 222: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 242: Social Psychology
  • PSY 331: Psychology of Personality

Cognitive-Evolutionary-Neuroscience Cluster:

  • PSY 262: Learning and Motivation
  • PSY 270: Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 280: Evolutionary Psychology
  • PSY 355: Behavioral Neuroscience

D. Elective Upper-Division Coursework (16 PSY credits; minimum 12 credits at 400-level):

E. General Education Requirements:

  • 30 Credits of SUNY General Education

F. Specific Liberal Arts Requirements:

  • Social Science Electives: 3 courses; 1 can satisfy SUNY Gen Ed
  • Natural Sciences: 2 courses; 1 with lab and 1 can satisfy SUNY Gen Ed



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