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Welcome to our Utica Residential Experience! We have the capacity to house 1,076 students in our modern, convenient Utica residential facilities. Please use the links to the left to learn more about our residential complexes and halls.

For fall 2022 Hilltop Hall will host 5 focus interest communities. FICs are centered on a combination of intellectual, cultural, and social affinities. They offer a unique opportunity to live and engage with people who share interests similar to your own. FICs are meant for students who want to engage with others, to experience activity when they are at home in their residence hall and who embrace the idea of faculty and staff being part of their living experience. Hilltop Hall opened in fall 2020, and is the first zero-net carbon-certified residence hall building in New York state.

Our returning students and new students will reside in Oriskany, Adirondack, Hilltop, and Mohawk in single and double rooms.

Housing Applications for Fall 2022 are now open for all students!
You must log into Banner, select Student and Financial Aid, and then select Housing and Dining. You will then enter your Housing and Dining Self Service.

Once in the Self Service available applications are located in the Applications Tab


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SUNY Polytechnic Institute requires all first year and second year students to reside on campus in residence unless they reside at the home of a parent or legal guardian within 30 miles of the academic campus of the student, Utica or Albany.

If you are a first year or second year student in Utica and you would like to commute or seek special exemption from the residence requirement, you may seek approval by completing the Residency Requirement Exemption Application following the directions to access Housing and Dining Self Service, above.

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