Dining Plans

Meal plans are designed to provide maximum flexibility, value and convenience. These meal plans include declining balance funds called Discount Dollars that activate deep discounts in residential dining rooms (i.e., all-you-care-to-eat) and at retail dining venues.

For an overview of the meal plan options and plan pricing per semester, please visit ualbanydining.com/my-meal-plan/suny_poly_plans.

All SUNY Poly students living at UAlbany will be automatically assigned the myFlex#2 Meal Plan. Through the tenth business day of each semester, students may make changes to meal plans based upon the following eligibility rules:

  • First year students are required to be on a meal plan, but may change to the myFlex #1 during the add/change period or the my Unlimited plan.
  • All other students may choose to change to any meal plan or drop the meal plan.

All meal plans are purchased per semester, and must be verified, changed or dropped every semester online. To make changes, visit ualbanyid.com. You will need your UAlbany NetID and password to access this page and make updates.

SUNY Poly students that are not residing at Freedom Apartments will not be automatically enrolled in a meal plan, but may add a meal plan within the first 10 days of classes.  

Meal plans include residential dining in the campus quads, a variety of dining locations in the Campus Center and more.

For further information, please visit https://www.ualbanydining.com/.



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