Presidential Search

SUNY Polytechnic Institute is searching for its next president.

About the Search

To the SUNY Poly Community,

On behalf of SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Presidential Search Committee, I am proud to announce that a new national search for SUNY Poly’s next President has begun. During the next several months as this process takes shape and progresses, I hope you will continue to check back on these presidential search web pages for relevant public information that we will share.

SUNY Poly is an incredibly diverse and vibrant institution, with faculty, staff, and students who are involved in a wide range of disciplines. Our search committee was selected to reflect this diversity. The members will focus on facilitating a thorough search process to choose a new president who will further help SUNY Poly maximize its pursuit of research and academic excellence. The next president will also work to maintain and expand SUNY Poly’s role as a linchpin for New York State’s high-tech ecosystem, providing a powerful vision for this institution’s future while focusing on integrity. To accomplish a presidential search process that results in such candidates, it will be conducted in accordance with SUNY’s presidential search policy and guidelines (pdf).

The SUNY Poly Presidential Search Committee retained the services of RPA Inc., an executive search firm with expertise in the identification of appropriate candidates for the position through targeted outreach and screening.

As we work toward selecting the University’s next permanent president, we hope you will send any comments, questions, or suggestions to the following email address for the search committee’s consideration:


RoAnn Destito
SUNY Polytechnic Institute Presidential Search Committee Chair
SUNY Polytechnic Institute College Council Chair

Process Questions?
Contact Zulaika Rodriguez at or 518-320-1538

  • RoAnn Destito (Chair), College Council Chair
  • Timothy Busch, Faculty Representative – Utica Campus
  • Kathleen Dunn, Faculty representative - Albany Campus
  • Robert Edgell, Faculty representative - Utica Campus
  • Eric Eisenbraun, Faculty representative - Albany Campus
  • Jae Fish, Student representative
  • Mitch Ford, College Council Member
  • Sonny Greco, College Council Member
  • Heather Hage, Campus related foundation representative
  • Nicole Hinman, College Council Member
  • Robert Megna, Rockefeller Institute of Government, Chancellor’s Designee
  • J. Andres Melendez, Interim Dean
  • Melissa Prest, Professional staff member
  • Zora Thomova, Faculty representative - Utica Campus
  • Nicole Watson, '83, Alumni representative
  • Linda Weber, Faculty representative - Utica Campus
  • Zulaika Rodriguez-Awoliyi, Chancellor's liaison representative (Nonvoting)


May 2021
The Presidential Search Committee members receive appointments and charge from SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras
The Search Committee develops an advertisement

May – July 2021
RPA, Inc. and college begin advertisement and recruitment efforts for the position.
RPA, Inc. actively networks and recruits
The Search Committee begins review of candidates

July/August 2021
The Search Committee selects candidates for virtual Search Committee Interviews
The Search Committee conducts virtual Search Committee Interviews
The Search Committee selects candidates for on-site (if permitted) or virtual constituent interviews

September 2021
The Search Committee oversee on-site (if permitted) or virtual constituent interviews
The College Council recommends candidates for Chancellor to Interview

Search Information

Search Firm

The firm conducting the recruitment is the executive search and consulting firm RPA Inc. of Williamsport, PA.

About RPA Inc.
RPA Inc. is a nationally recognized comprehensive executive search and consulting firm, founded in 1988. With over three decades of service to higher education, the firm has established a record of success in recruitment and search facilitation across all levels of senior administration. RPA Inc. is dedicated to the philosophy that a recruitment effort is an opportunity to positively impact the future of an institution. The firm’s guiding objective is to develop a full understanding of each institution it serves and to identify and seek out professionals whose skill sets, values, and personal characteristics most closely match the needs and values of the institution. For more information about RPA Inc., please visit our site.

To make a confidential nomination or to apply, please email:

The legal authority to appoint the president or chief administrative officer of a state-operated SUNY campus rests with the State University of New York Board of Trustees. College councils have the responsibility to recommend a candidate or candidates to the Board. To assist councils in their work, SUNY has adopted a policy with procedures for the search for and nomination of candidates.

For process questions, please contact: 
Zulaika Rodriguez
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Presidential Searches


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