Clinical Information

Contact Information

The Clinical Coordinator for the College of Health Sciences is Erynn Lowery. Erynn has been with SUNY Poly since November 2019. She is also a member of the President’s Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the club advisor for POLY Pride.

Finding a clinical site

Who can be a Preceptor?

  • Board-certified Nurse Practitioner
  • Midwife
  • Physician
  • 3rd year Medical Resident with a New York State License
  • **You can do a clinical rotation with a Physician’s Assistant, but only if the Attending physician signs off on the Student and Preceptor Agreement and approves hours in Typhon.

Types of Sites

  • Outpatient family practice, internal medicine, long-term care facilities, occupational health sites, specialty office settings
  • Must be in New York State
  • You can perform your clinical in the same facility in which you work, but not in the department in which you work. You can be dismissed from the program if you perform your clinical in your work area.

Every clinical site must have a contract in place with liability insurance to accompany it. Once you have found your clinical site and preceptor, complete the PACI form.

The Process

  1. Complete the PACI form
  2. Clinical Coordinator reviews form results and either verifies a contract is in place, or begins the process to obtaining one (step 3). If a contract is not yet in place, it can take up to 6 weeks to complete.
  3. Clinical Coordinator sends contract paperwork to the contact person listed in the PACI form.
  4. If received signed by the appropriate person at the site, it is forwarded to the SUNY POLY business office for signature. They will also request the certificate of liability insurance. Once signed, it is returned to the Clinical Coordinator.
  5. If the site requests any changes to the contract language, it is sent to SUNY Legal for review. If legal has changes, or does not agree to the site’s proposed changes, the contract is returned to the site for their review. Once both sides are satisfied, step 4 is followed.
  6. Clinical Coordinator returns fully executed documents to the contact person at the site, emails the student to let them know it is complete.
  7. The student is asked to submit a site and preceptor request into Typhon.

Deadlines - Site Approvals

Students should have a clinical site approved with a clinical contract in place by October 15 for Spring placements and March 15 for Fall placements. If looking to precept at St. Peter’s Health Partners, or through Bassett Health, those requests must be in a full semester prior to the semester in which you will do clinical hours.

Health Requirements

  • The College of Health Sciences has specific health requirements in addition to those required by SUNY Poly and New York State. Full requirements can be found here
  • Students will be required to purchase access to Castlebranch for submission of all health requirement documentation via the ‘compliance tracker’ package.
    • The cost for students is $49.
  • All health requirement documents MUST be submitted AND accepted in CastleBranch before you are able to begin clincal hours.
    • Your clinical instructor may ask that you send a screenshot of your green check mark from CastleBranch to show your compliance.


Typhon is a cloud-based tracking system where students will enter clinical hours and patient encounter details. This is also where preceptors will approve hours and submit evaluations.

When you first sign into Typhon, you will enter our school’s account – 3223, then your full SUNY Poly email address, and then click on ‘forgot password’. You’ll then follow the steps of setting up your account.


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