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A degree in applied mathematics allows you to apply your mathematical and problem-solving skills to real-world problems.

The field of applied mathematics develops and uses a wide variety of mathematical methods in order to understand and to work with systems encountered in science and industry.

People with rigorous training in applied mathematics are needed in industrial, corporate, and academic settings. Our graduates acquire the necessary mathematical skills to help meet this demand and have achieved outstanding careers doing what they love to do.

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Culture of Mathematics


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Possible Career Paths

Many of our graduates continue their formal education in graduate programs such as mathematics, statistics, education, physics, and computer science; or they pursue careers in business, industry, government, and academia. They have found employment in fields as diverse as teaching, mathematical modeling, finance, actuarial sciences, industrial mathematics, manufacturing, communications, and computing.

If you are considering graduate study in mathematics or a related field, SUNY Poly can help you develop a strong background in some of the more rigorous and abstract areas of mathematics, such as:

  • Algebra and Analysis
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Geometry and Mathematical Physics
  • Probability and Decision Theory


If you are looking to enter the workforce, you can develop a rich background in areas especially suitable to industry such as:

  • Computational Mathematics and Scientific Computing
  • Data Analysis and Cognitive Computing
  • Mathematical Finance and Analytics
  • Mathematical Modeling


Many of our graduates pursue careers in business, industry, government, and academia. They find employment as diverse as

  • Teaching mathematics at the high school or college level
  • Industrial or Computational Mathematician or Engineer
  • Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, or Actuary
  • Software engineer or Cryptographer
  • Quality or Reliability Analyst


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