Civil Engineering Technology - Labs

Center for Global Advanced Manufacturing (CGAM)

CGAM offers students the opportunity to engage with various manufacturing processes. The facilities range from additive manufacturing with 3D printers and injection molding to machine tooling using CNC.

Additional Lab Space

The CvET program has numerous labs with equipment to provide hands-on application of classroom learning:

  • Bending moment and deflection of beams apparatus
  • Equipment for the following materials tests:
    • Instron multi-purpose testing machine for tensile
    • Concrete slump test
    • Concrete air entrainment test
    • Strength testing of concrete cylinders
    • Void ratio of asphalt plugs
    • Specific gravity of asphalt plugs
  • Equipment for the following hydraulics experiments/demonstrations:
    • Flow visualization using a hydrogen bubble generator
    • Center of pressure experiment
    • Stability of a floating body
    • Determination of discharge and head loss using a flow-measuring apparatus
    • Friction loss along a pipe
    • Demonstration of open channel flow
  • Equipment for the following soils tests:
    • Moisture content
    • Liquid  and plastic limit
    • Specific gravity
    • Particle size analysis
    • Proctor compaction
    • Sand cone density
    • Constant/falling head permeability
    • Unconfined compression test
    • Consolidation
    • Direct shear
  • Survey equipment including:
    • Automatic Levels
    • Total stations
    • Real Time Kinematic (RTK) survey grade GPS base and receiver


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