Computational Mathematical Modeling Faculty

Carlo Cafaro is a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from SUNY at Albany and a M.S. in Theoretical Physics from University of Pisa in Italy. Dr. Cafaro’s research focuses on the basic foundations of theoretical physics: information theory, quantum theory, and relativity. More specifically, Cafaro’s recent research efforts involve: quantifying complexity with information geometry and statistical inference; applying geometric Clifford algebra techniques to classical electrodynamics and quantum computing; combatting quantum decoherence with quantum error correction schemes; employing statistical physics methods in complex network science.

Wenfeng Chen is a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics with a Ph.D. in Theoretical High Energy Physics and Mathematical Physics from the Chinese Academy of Science at Beijing. Dr. Chen has done research projects in Quantum Field Theory and Superstring/M-theory including topological Chern-Simons theory, nonperturbative supersymmetric gauge Theory, Lorentz and CPT symmetry violation, AdS/CFT correspondence and gauge/gravity duality. Currently, Dr. Chen is focusing on applying the miscellaneous mathematical techniques of quantum field theory and string theory to study condensed matter physics, specifically nanophysics, and topological quantum computation.

Andrea Dziubek is an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics with a Ph.D. in Energy and Process Engineering from Berlin University of Technology, Germany. Her research interests include modeling and simulation of problems in biomedical engineering, continuum mechanics, shell theory, structure preserving numerical methods and finite element methods. She loves teaching subjects where she can share her academic interests and excitement, such as vector calculus and geometric mechanics, numerical mathematics, and partial differential equations.

Edmond Rusjan is an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics with a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from Virginia Tech. His research focus is on geometry and symmetry inspired mathematical models. In particular, he has applied the Boltzmann equation, Lie groups and Lie algebras and Calabi-Yau spaces to solve problems in physics and engineering. He is currently studying the discretization of the Hodge star operator and implications for partial differential equations.

William Thistleton is an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from SUNY Stony Brook. In addition to his extensive teaching experience in areas including Analysis, Computational Mathematics, and Data Analysis, he has scholarly publications in Probability and Statistics. He consults regularly with industry in a variety of settings.

Zora Thomova is Interim Provost and Professor of Applied Mathematics with Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of Montreal, Canada and MS in Engineering Physics from the Czech Technical University in Prague. She is a recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in teaching; her teaching experience includes mathematics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level to mathematics and engineering students. She also teaches financial mathematics and fundamentals of derivative markets to MBA students and finance professionals at a major investment institution. She regularly publishes in the area of continuous symmetries of differential and difference equations and has served as an adviser on quantitative projects for financial clients.


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