Online Learning

The nursing courses at SUNY Poly are delivered online through a learning management system called Brightspace. Course content is typically arranged in learning modules than span one to two weeks, depending on the course. Most courses consist of the traditional interactive tool of online discussions.

Online discussions require learners to engage in an asynchronous group dialog over a specific time span. This means learners are expected to log in and create a substantive post early in the week and return to the discussion frequently and regularly to respond to course peers. The hours of online interactions are equivalent to the number of hours a learner would spend sitting in a classroom for a face-to-face course. This level of participation requires almost daily log-ons and engagement in the current discussion. These discussions are just one component of a variety of learning activities and assignments learners will complete within each course. In addition to asynchronous activity, some courses have synchronous activities.

Collaborate Ultra is a feature within our Brightspace Learning Management system that allows the course instructor to conduct synchronous class sessions that meet on specific days of the week at specific times. Learners participate from wherever they are. To participate in Collaborate sessions, the learner needs: a computer, preferably one with a camera, a headset and microphone, and the internet.


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