Nanobioscience (PhD)

micro view of cell

Our Ph.D. in Nanobioscience serves as a global resource for training in nanobioscience and produces a new hybrid generation of scientists capable of driving nanotechnology applications in medicine and life science.

The Ph.D. in Nanobioscience program trains students in the principles, practices, and research paradigms of nanobioscience to prepare them for interdisciplinary careers in research, development, deployment and education at the convergence of medicine and life science with nanoscale science and engineering.

By merging core biological science and applied science principles with the foundational tenets and skill sets of nanoscale science and nanoscale engineering, graduates have the intellectual fluency and technical ability to analyze and investigate the fundamental properties of a given nanoscale biological process or phenomenon. Graduates are able to  apply this learning to hypothesis formulation for the conception or construction of a functional nanobiological system or architecture.

Approaching nanotechnology from the biological world

Nanoscale innovations and technologies from the biological world are harnessed to manipulate and control materials at the nanoscale. Drawing knowledge from biological systems enables unique approaches to nanotechnological design, engineering, processing, and manufacturing. 

Approaching biology from the nanoscale

Nanoscale phenomena, technologies or processes are used to study biology at its fundamental level – the nanoscale.  Similarly, nanoscale devices, materials, or phenomena can be harnessed for therapeutics, diagnostics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and many other biological applications.

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