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Dr. Kazuko Behrens headshot

Dr. Kazuko Behrens, Coordinator
Associate Professor, Developmental Psychology

Dr. Behrens’ research mainly focuses on parent-child attachment in US and cross-culturally. Secure attachment predicts better social relationships and general well-being in the course of development. She thus hopes to conduct attachment-based intervention studies to promote attachment security. Her collaborative research investigates attachment and brain activities, utilizing EEG equipment.

Joanne Joseph Photo

Dr. Joanne M. Joseph
Professor, Social/Clinical psychology

Dr. Joseph has diverse interests in the areas of adverse childhood experiences, trauma, resilience and physical health. Her current research studies focus on the effects of adverse childhood experiences on pregnancy outcomes, epigenetics, PTSD in military veterans and bullying. Dr. Joseph is the recipient of a number of teaching and service awards including the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Service. As a practicing clinician, Dr. Joseph regularly consults for health care agencies and K-12 schools.

Rebecca Weldon Photo

Dr. Rebecca Weldon
Assistant Professor, Cognitive Psychology

Dr. Weldon’s research spans topics in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. She uses survey, experimental, and neuroscience techniques to examine risky decision making. Her research interests include the behavioral and neural mechanisms of cognitive control, individual differences in reward sensitivity, and the determinants of risky decision making.


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