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Psychology Research Labs

Psychology is an objective, rigorous, empirical discipline. The core psychology faculty at SUNY Poly are all active scholars in their respective areas of expertise, and remain engaged in both basic and applied research. In addition to developing extended research collaborations with local partners and organizations, the psychology program at SUNY Poly has an active subject pool and dedicated laboratory space used for conducting human-subjects research. 

The Psychology Research Laboratory has a suite of individual testing rooms equipped with desktop computers and state-of-the-art equipment, including comprehensive research software, a high-performance eye-tracking system, advanced imaging technology, and psychophysiology equipment. The lab also has an observation room used for a variety of developmental, social and clinical studies in psychology. In addition, the faculty within the psychology program maintain access to additional lab space and research equipment (including an advanced EEG system) on campus through interdisciplinary collaborations. 

These combined lab facilities and the high-level research environment promoted by the faculty substantially enhances the quality of the psychology program and the scientific education of students enrolled within it.


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