Admission Criteria

The State University of New York has continued the suspension of the required submission of SAT/ACT scores for determining admission eligibility for the spring '23 and fall '23 admission cycles.

At SUNY Poly, our primary interest is in you as a person and how you will contribute to our campus community as a student. When our admissions team looks at your application, we conduct a holistic review to take the time and care to get to know you as an individual, not a number. We look at your academic history, the rigor of your high school curriculum, your extra-curricular activities, and letters of recommendation.  Our team also places a high value in learning about your unique life experiences and how they have shaped the person you are today. At SUNY Poly, we are interested in students that will contribute to our academic, social, and intercollegiate community in a meaningful way.

If you have already taken, or will take the SAT or ACT and would like us to use those scores as part of our holistic review, you will have the option to do so.

Historically, our admissions criteria has been as follows:

  • Average GPA: 85-92 range (middle 50% of admitted students is an 88-94)
  • SAT score: 1100-1290 range
  • ACT score: 23-27 range



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