How do I forward/unforward my phone

Pick up your handset and dial *72 then the number you are forwarding to.  Wait until you hear a ring and hang up.

You should see a red icon in the center of the top line of the Display.  That indicates that the line has been forwarded

**To forward to an outside line - Dial *7281, then the area code and number you wish to forward the line to

Graphic of forward icon

To un-forward the line.  Dial *73, wait until you hear it ring once, then hang up.  The red icon should disappear, and the phone is un-forwarded.

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How do I take advantage of the free Office 365 Offering

Click on the following link to access information related to logging into and installing Microsoft Office 365

Click Here

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How do I connect my device to the SUNY Poly Campus Network

Network Connection information for Academic Year
2022 - 2023 – Utica Campus

The SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Utica site maintains a five Gigabit connection to the internet. The following information will assist you in connecting your devices to our network.

All wireless devices should attach to the Student SSID.
Computers, tablets and phones are required to authenticate to gain access to the Residential
Student Wireless. To connect to the wireless network in the residence halls only, use the
1. Connect your device to the Student SSID, the pass-phrase is WirelessPoly
2. Open a Web browser on your device, you be directed to a login page
3. Enter your SitNet ID and Password. You should connect to the network upon authentication.
***You will have to re-authenticate your device every ninety days.

Wired Connections
Access to the wired connections in the residential complexes will remain the same.
Ports in the Residential Complexes are setup for student use.
Note: All devices must be set up to obtain both the IP Address and DNS Server Addresses from the college in order to use our network services.

Gaming consoles will have to be registered using the following form:
Register your device
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the help desk:
The help desk is located in the Cayan Library, you can submit a help ticket using the following:
url:, or via email using the following email address:, or via phone 315-792-7440 (x7440 on campus).

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