Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion – a critical mindset valuing and making an effort to include people from all backgrounds in a warm and welcoming SUNY Poly community.

Enabling Dreams Through the Educational Opportunity Program
SUNY Poly provides opportunities for all students who have the talent and drive to succeed to ensure they are not excluded from higher education. Learn more about the grant-funded Education Opportunity Program at SUNY Poly, an initiative enabling access and equity through a boost of assistance that can light the way toward a bright future. 
Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)
Learn more about the CSTEP program, powered by Student Services and enabling science and technology-based opportunities for SUNY Poly students. 
Services to Empower People with Disabilities
Obtain information about how SUNY Poly can provide you with academic accommodations, learn about what documents you might need to provide so that SUNY Poly can help you succeed, and connect with the Disability Services Office to find out more here.
Benefits for Those Who Have Served  
For those students who served in the armed forces – SUNY Poly aims to do its part by serving you, providing the assistance that you or your family may need as you pursue academic success. Learn more about how to connect with staff who are focused on getting you the answers you need. 

SUNY Poly Bias Report Form

For more information, contact:

Dr. Mark Montgomery, PhD
Chief Diversity Officer

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
office: 315-792-7338
cell: 315-723-7359

QR code for the Bias Reporting Form

A Message from the Chief Diversity Officer

We continue an academic journey which will be remembered like no other. Fused into the pandemic was/is social unrest, passionate responses, increased concerns, and confusion about where we are headed as a country and sometimes as a community. But, at SUNY Poly, we know where we are headed, and we will move forward collectively and in support of each other. We find sound value in the power of pause, reflection, and clarity. We believe these constructs are the cornerstones of our educational community’s landscape.

Here at SUNY Poly, we firmly believe in E Pluribus Unum: out of many, one.

Out of many come the lenses and experiences of all who are part of what we call our community—our family. What we continue to learn is that there is tremendous value in our varied lenses. This approach is our foundation and our strength.

Have a meaningful semester, academic experience and remember, you depart and return as a proud member of an inclusive, diverse, and equitable community where all are welcome.

A Message from the President of the Student Government at Utica

Jae Fish headshot
Jae Fish
Student Government at Utica

On behalf of the Student Government at Utica I would like to give a warm welcome to those who are new to the campus and welcome back those who are returning. In recent years we at SUNY Poly—and everyone around the planet—have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and social and racial injustice. But with a future as unpredictable as today the one thing that has and will always stay constant is our caring and diverse campus and its community.

Whether you are a first-year or transfer student, I am certain that you will find your home away from home at SUNY Poly.


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