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The B.S. degree in Community and Behavioral Health (CBH) is interdisciplinary in nature and is built on the biopsychosocial model of health and wellbeing. 

This model, which has been embraced at both the state and national levels in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, is on the forefront of health and health studies in recognizing the needs of the “whole person.” Courses in this program draw on the fields of sociology, psychology, anthropology, neuroscience and medicine. Building on this model, the CBH degree prepares students for professions that promote and increase the physical, emotional, psychological, and social well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

The CBH degree is designed to meet the needs of students with interests in the health-related fields of medicine, dentistry, occupational therapy, community/public health, health psychology, mental health counseling, medical social services work (including care coordination), rehabilitation counseling, health(care) research, (community) health policy. This program allows students to customize a program of study from a wide range of electives across psychology, sociology, anthropology, and technology courses to meet their academic and career goals.

The CBH program at SUNY Poly takes an innovative approach to learning by offering:

  • interdisciplinary, team-taught courses on such cutting edge topics as the “biopsychosocial impact of technology on health;”
  • hands-on learning through projects that partner with a wide range of local organizations and (potential) employers in the health and wellness fields;
  • practicum placements that allow students to try out an occupation, and apply what they have learned in the classroom, before they graduate;
  • opportunities to work with special populations, including veterans, the elderly, (at-risk) youth, and individuals with disabilities.

Students graduating with a degree in CBH will have the opportunity to pursue careers in a variety of settings including: hospitals, schools, public health and social service settings.  Students with the CBH degree pursue jobs in medicine, health promotion and prevention, case management, care coordination, counseling, health education, (medical) social services work, health research, and health policy.

Many CBH students enter graduate programs in medical or dental school, physician’s assistant, and occupational therapy (with appropriate physical science requirements), or in social work or psychology, including mental health counseling.


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Veronica Tichenor
Coordinator of Community and Behavioral Health




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