Multi-Factor Authentication

What Is Microsoft 365 (M365) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Included with the implementation on M365 is the enhanced security of multi-factor authentication (MFA). This authentication feature helps safeguard access to data and applications while maintaining simplicity for users.

Why Use MFA?

Multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your login process to prevent your credentials from being compromised. By using more than one method of authentication, your identity is verified and kept safe from phishing and other cyber security attacks.

How Does MFA Work?

The first time you log into your SUNY Poly Microsoft 365 account, you will be prompted to set up MFA. There are a couple of options you can choose from, which will have an impact on how and where your M365 account can be used. We want you to be well informed before deciding which method is best for you.

Authentication by Phone (Call or Text a Phone Number)

  • Send me a code by text message: If you select the text message method, you are setting up your MFA authentication to send you a text message with a 6-digit code to use when you authenticate.
  • Call me: If you select the Phone Call method, you are setting up your MFA authentication to call you when you want to log into M365. 

It is recommended to use a mobile phone that you always have with you, so you can authenticate no matter where you are located. You will need to be able to access the phone during MFA configuration. You will also enter a backup phone number that will be used if the first phone number is not answered or goes to voicemail.


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