Benefits of EOP

EOP Students

EOP helps to strengthen personal development and assists in building academic skills as students acclimate to the academic, professional, social, and cultural environment that make up college life. We work to do this in the following ways:

  • College Transition and Adjustment: All EOP first year students attend the mandatory EOP Summer Program where they spend six weeks getting to know the EOP Program staff, SUNY Poly college resources and personnel, as well as each other. Students also take classes in Math and Career Readiness to help acclimate them to the LMS here at Poly.
  • Supportive and Individual Attention: EOP students meet with an EOP Counselor regularly to assist them with both college and home life.
  • Financial Support: EOP students receive EOP funding to help subsidize the cost of attendance.
  • Assistance with Financial Aid: We host regular workshops to help students navigate the process of applying for financial aid.
  • Academic Support: EOP students receive academic support through weekly study sessions, EOP workshops, peer mentoring and peer tutoring.
  • Preparation for Graduate Studies and Careers: We help to ensure that EOP students are ready for transitioning to graduate studies and entering the workforce.
  • Networking and Support System: Students are immediately welcomed and immersed into an EOP family, which provides a pipeline of support for future generations of EOP students.



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