Guide: Computer Accounts and ID Numbers

As a SUNY Polytechnic Institute student, you will be assigned several numbers and IDs that will be used for different purposes.  This guide provides information about each of them.

University Number

The University Number is your primary identification number at the college. This number is unique to you. It begins with a capital letter, usually the letter U and is followed by 8 digits. The number is sometimes called the Student ID because of its importance, or the U number because it usually begins with the letter 'U". Offices will use your University number to locate your records in Banner. This ID can only be used in Banner

SITNet ID (also known as your Banner ID)

A computer account is assigned to every student for accessing the college's computer and network resources. Like the University number, the SITNet ID is unique to you. It is composed of up to six letters of your last name, your first initial and my also contain your middle initial or numbers. It is activated the first time you log in to Banner.

Password (PIN)

During your first Banner login, you were required to change your password (PIN). The password is case sensitive. It will expire every 90 days in Banner.
Banner is the only system that expires the password, and it does so for security reasons. When you login to Banner with an expired password, you will be required to change it. You must use the newly changed password to login to any system that uses the SITNet ID for authentication (e.g. SUNY Poly e-mail, Wireless Network, Library Databases, etc.).

Security Question/Answer

During your first Banner login, you also created a security question and answer. In the future, you must correctly answer your question in order to reset your password. For this reason, it is important that you create a question that you will always be able to answer. You are advised to keep your answer to one or two words and use conventional spelling and punctuation. You can change your security question and its answer from Banner's "Personal Menu". Below are a few good security questions:

  • In what city was I born?
  • What was my first pet's name?
  • What is the name of the first street I lived on?
  • What is my mother's maiden name?  

ISO Number

The ISO Number is a 16 digit number that begins that is embedded on the magnetic strip of the SUNY Poly Card, and is printed on the front of the card. It is used to for access to on-campus buildings and rooms.

Type of Identifier

What It Looks Like

How To Find Yours

How It Is Used

University Number

9 alphanumeric character string that begins with a capitial letter, usually U, followed 8 digits. 
(e.g. U00009876)

Matriculated students will find it on the bottom of your acceptance letter from Admissions or the Graduate Admissions.

In Banner, it is shown in the upper corner of some pages that also show your name. Click to see sample

It is your primary identification in Banner and is used by numerous offices to locate your records and assist you.


Is composed of up to 6 letters of your lastname, your first initial, and possibly your middle initial or number.

The letters are lowercase (e.g. brownab99, not BROWNAB99)

Banner's Personal Information menu has an option to "Display SITNet ID".

You can login to Banner with your University number as the User ID if you do not remember your SITNet ID.

It is used to login to SUNY Poly's computer and network resources.

ISO Number

16 digit number beginning with 50812827

Printed on SUNY Poly photo ID Card.

Door access to on-campus facilities. Dining Hall and Vending Machines



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