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SUNY Poly is a first-of-its kind statewide high-tech education and research-based ecosystem spurring business growth and jobs. With unmatched research facilities, capabilities, and a talented faculty and staff with a range of expertise, game-changing research is a way of life at SUNY Poly--and the world has noticed.  

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From cybersecurity to history, engineering to computer science, and psychology to biology--and more--SUNY Poly’s top tier faculty pioneer research related to a vast array of topics. Whether you are a graduate student or current or potential business partner, the SUNY Poly Faculty Research Report provides a glimpse into the exciting research that is conducted each day at SUNY Poly’s facilities across New York State. 

SUNY Poly Office of Research and Graduate Studies 2021 Year in Review (pdf)

2022 SUNY Poly Research Report (pdf)

Office of Research Newsletter

February 17, 2023 Newsletter (pdf)

December 9, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

November 11, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

October 14, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

September 16, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

August 26, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

August 5, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

July 15, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

June 24, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

June 10, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

May 27, 2022 Newsletter (pdf)


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