Cady Research Group

Our laboratory focuses on the unique interface between nanotechnology and biology.  Research in our group falls into the following two general categories:

Approaching nanotechnology from the biological world
Nanoscale innovations and technologies from the biological world are harnessed to manipulate and control materials at the nanoscale.  Drawing knowledge from biological systems enables unique approaches to nanotechnological design, engineering, processing and manufacturing.

Approaching biology from the nanoscale
Nanoscale phenomena, technologies or processes are used to study biology at its fundamental level – the nanoscale.  Similarly, nanoscale devices, materials, or phenomena can be harnessed for therapeutics, diagnostics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and many other biological applications.

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Professor Nate Cady's Research Group
Cady Lab Members (left to right): Evan Iler, Sarah Rafiq, Natalya Tokranova, Mehek Ahmed, Karsten Beckmann, Eunice Chou, Tristen Head, Max Liehr, Nate Cady, Jubin Hazra, Minhaz Abedin



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