ID Badges


Your campus identification card serves as your dining services access card. The magnetic strip on the back of the ID contains information about your food service account. Your card is swiped every time you enter the dining hall. Your ID card is required to enter the dining hall; remember to bring it with you.


Building Access

All faculty, staff, and students are issued a SUNY Polytechnic Institute Card. In Utica, SUNY Poly Cards may be obtained from Auxiliary Services located on the 1st floor of Kunsela Hall in the Wildcat Den.

All outside doors in the residence halls and at least one outside door to each administrative building, including the Campus Center, are controlled by SUNY Poly Card reader for building access.

Students can access these respective residence halls by using their SUNY Poly Card. No outside door keys to the residence halls are issued.

Faculty can access their respective building by swiping their SUNY Poly Card when they enter and swiping when they exit the building. All full time faculty have been given 24 hour - 7 day access to the building that they have an office in.

Staff can access outside doors by having their supervisor notify University Police what doors and times they will need to enter. University Police will then activate their SUNY Poly Card for that specific door and time.

All lost/stolen SUNY Poly Card must be reported to the University Police immediately. (There is a replacement fee for lost SUNY Poly Cards).

SUNY Poly Card - Lab Access Request form (pdf)  


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