Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is a high priority at the Wellness Center and students should expect that all aspects of care will be treated in a confidential manner. All health and counseling services provided at the Wellness Center are confidential including, but not limited to sexual health (STI testing, contraception, etc.), medical diagnosis and treatment, alcohol and drug related, etc.

The Wellness Center staff will only share information if written consent is obtained from the student. However, disclosure of confidential patient information may occur without the consent of the student under the following circumstances:

  • a court order or subpoena for the medical record;
  • the patient is at risk of harm to self or others;
  • the patient makes or authorizes a claim under a health insurance or other health benefit plan or otherwise designates someone else as responsible for payment (a parent as the insured may be notified of treatment);
  • the law requires reporting of information to a public official (e.g. communicable disease, injury by violent means); and
  • the patient is a minor.

A student under 18 years of age is a minor and must have parent consent to obtain medical care, unless in emergency situations. The parent of a minor usually is provided medical information of his/her child, however exceptions regarding sexual health and drug abuse treatment may be provisional.

The Wellness Center is not subject to HIPPA, thus is not required to comply with various federal regulations relating to the use and disclosure of health information. However, the Wellness Center staff are bound by their professional code of ethics to refrain from discussing or sharing personal and health-related information without permission the student. We are committed to protecting confidential information.


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