FAQs: Counseling Services at the Wellness Center

Individual, couples, and group counseling. For couples counseling, both people have to be registered students at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Group counseling can be available upon request as long as there are enough students interested and the topic meets the qualifications of the therapist.

Students seek out counseling for a variety of reasons. Some deal with more chronic issues like depression and anxiety while others come in to talk about family or relationship problems. Other issues can include roommate problems, life transitions, substance abuse, grief, past trauma, loneliness or sexual violence.

Counseling Services is staffed by two therapists. Both are licensed clinicians with many years of both clinical and college counseling experience.

The office is located in the Wellness Center in the Campus Center, Suite 217.

Any registered SUNY Poly student.

Counseling can always help. It is a place where anyone can meet with a therapist who will not judge nor try to tell a person what to do. Instead a counselor will provide support, guidance, and listen. Counseling can help a person gain a different perspective on a problem and work on ways to alleviate or manage the problem. Most people who seek out counseling tend to be happier than those who don’t.

Download the American Counseling Association's Fact Sheet (pdf). It will help provide you with some basic information about counseling.

Yes, most anything that is said in a counselor’s office stays in a counselor’s office. However, there are exceptions to confidentiality. If a student is at risk of imminent harm to themselves or someone else, counselors are required by law to notify someone. Also if a counselor becomes aware of a child being abused and they have enough identifiable information they have to report that to Child Protective Services and/or the local police.

There are no session limits. However, if an issue surpasses what the SUNY Poly counselors can offer, then a referral to a counselor in the community will be made.

The Wellness Center has a variety of brochures and information to share. It is okay for students to come in and take any information on our brochure rack. If you are looking for something more specific you could meet with one of the counselors and they could provide you with more information. Students are encouraged to come in if they have concerns about a friend.

Contact the Wellness Center at 315-792-7172 to make an appointment Monday through Friday 8:30-4:30 or you can come to the Wellness Center to schedule an appointment in person. 

*Please provide 24 hour notice if you have to cancel a scheduled appointment*

There is no charge for counseling sessions for SUNY Poly students.





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