Students in Distress

Faculty and staff play an important role as students may seek assistance from you during times of distress.

Our role as mental health counselors here at SUNY Poly is to assist the student as well as the college community. At times students are managing more than academic pressures. Students may be managing family problems, relationship or identity issues, grief, anxiety, pre-existing mental health or medical issues, etc. Faculty and staff may be instrumental by showing concern for the student's wellbeing.

Counseling Services is here to assist faculty and staff in navigating students of concern. Please contact the Wellness Center 315-792-7172 to consult with a counselor. Typically, Counseling Services will see a student by appointment however, if the student appears distraught we will make every effort to see the student that day. If it is an urgent situation, please inform us when you call. Faculty and staff are always welcome to accompany the student if both parties are comfortable doing so.

In emergency situations such as a student making suicidal or homicidal threats, contact University Police immediately at 315-792-7111.

The goal is to reduce suicidal behaviors and save lives by providing training to make a positive difference in the life of someone they know.

The information provided below is a general guideline for you to help a student who may be in distress. For more information call the Wellness Center, Counseling Services (Utica) at 315-792-7172.

Faculty Guide to Supporting Student Mental Health (JED Foundation) (pdf)

Don’t Wait for a Crisis. Make Mental Health Care Routine: At SUNY, many programs are being made available to meet the mental health needs of our students and communities. For more information including free Question, Persuade and Refer (QPR) training visit:


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