Sleep Awareness Campaign

National Sleep Awareness Week will take place March 10-16, 2024.

To honor this event, the Wellness Center, with the help of the Center for Student Involvement, Residence Life and Housing, Cayan Library, Student Government, and Athletics, will be running a "Let's Sleep Better SUNY Poly" Sleep Awareness Campaign from March 4-16. The goal of this campaign is to educate SUNY Poly students on good sleep habits/sleep hygiene to improve their quality of sleep. Using SUNY Poly student survey results, materials were produced to tailor educational materials to the needs of the students. In addition, the informational material also focuses on how sleep is correlated with academic, athletic, physical, and mental/emotional performance. 

Sleep Kits will be available at the Wellness Center, Student Center Commuter Lounge, Residence Halls & Cayan Library from March 4- March 15, 2024

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