Rights & Responsibilities

Effective health care includes a professional relationship between the student and Wellness Center staff. You have rights and responsibilities that contribute to effective health care and greater satisfaction.

The Wellness Center staff will assist each student to reach their ultimate health and well-being, however the student is ultimately responsible.

You have the right to:

  • Receive accessible, confidential, dignified and respectful care
  • Receive information regarding your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in understandable terms
  • Receive required information needed to give informed consent for any treatment or procedure
  • Refuse treatment and be informed of the potential consequences
  • Expect that your personal privacy will be respected
  • Expect that your health records will be kept strictly confidential and released: 
    • With your written consent
    • In cases of medical emergencies or where danger to self or others is present.
    • For continuity of care with other medical providers including other Wellness Center staff
    • In response to court-ordered subpoenas
  • Know the names and positions of staff involved in your care
  • Obtain an alternative professional opinion prior to any procedure or regarding a condition or concern you have.
  • Review your health records with Wellness Center staff
  • Express a concern, grievance or suggestion by providing them to the Wellness Center Director
  • A smoke-free environment

You have a responsibility to:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about your health and personal identification
  • Actively participate in your care by seeking medical attention promptly, reporting changes in your condition and following treatment recommendations
  • Ask for clarification about anything that you do not understand including your diagnosis, treatment, prognosis or any instructions
  • Arrive on time for appointments or notify the office if you are unable to keep your appointment by providing 24 hour notice
  • Being respectful, cooperative and considerate of the staff and others involved in your care
  • Comply with all requirements including immunizations, physical examinations and health insurance
  • Return borrowed equipment in a timely manner


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